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Deli-Style Roast Beef and the Paleo Sandwich

Roast beef Paleo Sandwich
I have never been much of sandwich person. To me, a real meal should be warm and planned out.  However, after I created this, my stance on sandwiches took a complete turn. I also have a hard time finding sandwich meats that are nitrate-free and preservative-free. I have even seen deli meats,  that contain sugar, high fructose corn syrup, corn, starches,  or wheat. With this deli-style roast beef recipe you can be certain of the ingredients that you are putting in your body…just meat, oil, salt and spices, no junk and no fillers.

You can also enjoy this warm as you would any other roast, or slice it thinly to make sandwiches with it.

I have been enjoying watching my number of Facebook friends increase, to me that means that people care about what they eat and are enjoying my recipes, but today I learned about a part of my Facebook stats that shows me how many people have un-liked my page, at first I was a little bummed and started trying to find out what made them leave. I noticed that on the days that I posted something related to meat or discussing prop 37, the number of un-likes increased considerably. Aside from this, I have been avoiding posting meat recipes because it often means that angry vegetarians or vegans are going to start trolling my page, by this I am not generalizing because I know I have a large number of followers who are vegetarians or eat grains and are completely respectful and supportive of my page.  But today I realized that this is my page, and I should be free to post about the things that I consider healthy and delicious. I also understood why those “un-likes” are also a good thing.  As I say often, “Eat and let eat.”


I round grass-fed beef round eye roast (approx 4 lbs) *
Olive oil or melted coconut oil
Favorite spices (thyme, cumin, garlic powder, onion powder
Salt and pepper to taste

For the Paleo sandwich you need a few large cucumbers, lettuce, shredded carrots, sliced bell peppers, cherry tomatoes and your favorite condiments


  • Rub the meat with the oil and spices
  • Cover it and let it sit outside the fridge for about 1-3 hours to bring to room temperature
  • Preheat oven to 500 F
  • Bake the meat at 500 for 20 minutes
  • Reduce heat to 300 and cook for an additional 30 minutes or until desired doneness. Check the inside temperature by inserting a meat thermometer in the center of the roast. For rare remove the meat when the thermometer reads 120 F, for medium rare remove at 125 F, 135 for medium, and 140 for well done
  • Remove the roast from the oven, cover with parchment paper and let stand for about 15 minutes before carving
  • Cut the meat against the grain into thin slices and eat warm.
  • If you are making deli-style reast beef for sandwiches, wrap the meat with plastic wrap, refrigerate over night of for a few hours and then cut into very thin slicesHow to make deli-style roast beef

For the paleo sandwich

  • Peel the cucumbers (optional)
  • Remove a thin slice lengthwise from the side of the cucumber, this will prevent the cucumber from rolling
  • If the cucumber is to large to comfortably bite into it, cut a slice out from the middle and reserve to make another sandwich with it.Paleo Sandwich Recipe
  • Scoop the seeds out of the two outer slices and fill with the meat and other fixings.Paleo Sandwich

Serve an enjoy preferably during meatless Monday 🙂

* Most round roast have about the same thicknes and shapes, so the cooking time for them is about the same regardless of their weight.


48 thoughts on “Deli-Style Roast Beef and the Paleo Sandwich

  1. You are absolutely right. It is your page! I have yet to make one of your recipes, but not because I do not fully enjoy what you offer, but I only noticed you about a month ago and haven’t had time. One day I will make several and this may be one of them. I am a live and let live type of person. I sometimes eat almost all organic and vegetarian and other times will stop at the drivethru at McDonalds and grab a double cheeseburger and an iced coffee. I feel a bit schizophrenic, but its all about time and availability and certainly whether I want MEAT. Prop 37 would have been awesome. Telling people what is in the product they are choosing to eat. Not denying their ability to eat it. Very sad. Keep writing! I will plug you on my facebook page. You go girl!


  2. Sounds delicious. Don’t worry about the unlikes. Such is the nature of facebook. Probably some unlike not because of the content, but just too much on their newsfeed or they signed up on your website. This is a paleo website. Please do what you do! If I wanted a vegan website, I wouldnt be here. I think ever one understands trolls and ignores them. You are doing a great job!


  3. Please keep on posting about prop 37 also! I’m sure I drive my friends crazy, but I post all I can about it! It’s encouraging to find people who feel the same way about it that I do.


  4. The unliking may not be related to your content at all. I frequently go through my list of subscribed blogs and FB posters and remove 90% simply because I’m overwhelmed by the avalanche of daily posts coming at me. Once I’ve recovered, I resubscribe to most.


  5. OMG!!! What a wonderful idea!!! I never would have thought to use the cucumber that way! You’re brilliant and I love all of your recipes and posts. Please keep doing what you’re doing. I only just discovered your blog and I’m so happy that I did. With things like this you just have to keep telling yourself that your sloughing off the garbage and the ones who really love what you do will be the ones that stick around. You won’t please everyone, but you will make a lot of people happy!! You’re doing such a wonderful job!! Just keep writing posts that are true to what you believe and the things that give you passion every day. ❤


  6. I wanted to tell you, I really enjoy your posts and recipes, and I don’t do Facebook at ALL. I just made your pumpkin donuts about an hour ago, lol. They were yummy and just what I needed! I will try this one, too – I never thought of using cukes as ‘bread’, what a great idea! A lot easier than trying to make paleo wraps and the like.
    Like you say, to eat and let eat. I am an unashamed (n)omnivore, lol.


  7. HI! I just found this link via Pinterest, and I think its awesome! I am a FT low carber , as I am hypoglycemic, and always looking for new, innovative ways to put food together. I love this….I eat lettuce wraps all the time, but can’t wait to try this! THanks!


  8. I love the idea of this! I can’t always afford or get grass fed meats, but I believe any roast that I make myself would be better than the packaged deli meats. But how do i cut it thin enough so my 9 year old doesn’t have to tear off each bite?


  9. I Love this recipe and I love all animals. Some more than others and in different ways. My dog I love to pet. The 1/4 Grass Fed Cow we bought last year I especially love Grilled! Humans are meant to be omnivores the largest problem with people eating GOOD HEALTHY UNPROCESSED, NON-GMO NON Monsanto chemical laced food is the lack of understanding where food comes from. Most kids are not taught that the beef in the market comes from COWS, the chicken once was alive and the bacon was YES was once an animal that VERY roughly resembles miss piggy. I have no problem with people who choose to be vegetarian or vegan, but leave those of us who enjoy MEAT alone. I have a REAL problem with the BEEF and DAIRY industry and the disgusting conditions that they keep these animals in. We as consumers have the power to make a difference. Purchase ONLY grass fed beef. STOP going to ALL FAST FOOD establishments…I have three kids so YES I know how difficult that can be…suck it up and pack a lunch. If raw milk is available in your state do yourself a favor and BUY IT at the exclusion of all other milk. Trust me if you really enjoy milk once you try raw milk you will never go back. We currently drive about 40 min. one way to purchase our milk for the week. If it is a long drive buy a bunch and freeze it. If it is not legal in your state start getting on your local and state legislature to change that. Purchase your eggs from a local chicken farmer who lets their chickens east grass, bugs, table scraps etc. This is what they are supposed to eat. Your eggs are more fresh taste WAY better and are healthier!!! By spending your money elsewhere the stores will start listening. They hate loosing money. You will also find how good organic food really is and will make the commitment to healthy good food that you and your family deserve. We suck down overly processed, High Fructose Corn syrup (HFC’s), MSG, GMO laden crap that the FDA lets pass for food because most of the people in the FDA (and other branches of Government) actually come from companies like Monsanto, to me that is a conflict of interest but to Monsanto and the BEEF industry it is good business. If you haven’t yet you really need to watch FOOD INC., CORN, and Freshness (available on Netflix and Amazon Prime) it is an eyeopener. Most people don realize that it is illegal to criticize the BEEF industry publicly, Oprah simply made a statement on her show and they sued her. We have dropped the ball big time and it is time we take control of our food “YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT”!!! The cows that the beef from McBerger came from were given antibiotics, fed a diet of Genetically Modified corn (which cows can not digest properly) and in some cases hormones.
    Thank you for a great site with wonderful beef to eat suggestions!!! Keep up the good work!


      1. $15.99 per gallon OUCH!!!!! I get mine from the farm for about $4.99 per gallon with a discount when you purchase over 10 gallons. and you can freeze it.


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