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This blog is an ever-evolving, always changing work in progress.  I welcome any suggestions, ideas, and insights on how to make this page even better! Also if you have any questions I am happy to share whatever knowledge I have



4 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Thank you for this fine blog. The recipes and you attitude have been good to see. My family went from 70% Vege versus 30% carne when I entered my teens. However, my mom lost her ability to digest gluten. She lives a happy gluten-free life now, eating the healthiest meat she can bring to her house.
    I resent the ag-industry for ruining antibiotics for medical interventions, so I apologize for the “dig” about antibiotic resistance being a free by-product of beef…


  2. I meant to add link to the graphic image I referenced in message just sent… — perhaps it didn’t go through? I was sharing that I’m writing a book about Benefits of Turmeric and would love your permission to use your graphic image by same name (link below) – if you’d kindly respond by e-mail to let me know, I’d appreciate. Thank you for all you are and do!
    Christine in Denver


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