Chocolate Butterscotch Grain-Free Cake

This is a chocolate lover’s dream! The butterscotch filling can be replaced with the same mix as the frosting, if you want to make it even more “chocolaty”, but I liked the contrast of the salted caramel-type filling with the chocolate. The filling can also be eaten alone as a pudding. I actually made a… Continue reading Chocolate Butterscotch Grain-Free Cake


Maple Almond Bark (paleo)

Crispy salted plantain chips covered with a layer of sweet and spiced almond freezer fudge and melted chocolate? I am not sure what made me come up with that unusual combination, but this Maple Almond Bark is AWESOME! The plantain chips give it a very nice crunch and the pumpkin spice makes it a perfect… Continue reading Maple Almond Bark (paleo)


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